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Title 31 Software Solutions

The age of digital assistance is here; with increasing numbers of computer programs collecting more and more data and information. Player tracking systems are designed to track as many transactions as possible and record hundreds of thousands of records each week. In addition, many of your manual  processes create thousands of other records weekly. It is not humanly possible to analyze each transaction manually nor should a casino attempt to short change themselves in this important area of compliance.

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FACT 31- A Title 31 Automated Solution



  • Real-Time MTL

  • CTR & SAR Automation and Reporting

  • MIL Reporting

  • Instant Verification

  • ID Scan Integration

  • Flexible Reporting 

  • Table Games Management (TGM) "Coming 2019"

  • Supports any Device

  • Low Price Tag / Total Cost of Ownership

  • CAPSOL® - Predictive Analytics / Active Shooter

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FACTX - for Financial & Depository 


As to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of FinCEN regulations FACT has created an automated solution specifically supporting Depository Institutions. Financial institutions must use FinCEN Report CTR’s and SAR’s as regulations and increased organizational pressure to maintain strict Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer procedures has resulted in large compliance spend and manual intervention. Processes, systems and controls are being scrutinized from every angle, as threats to organizations come from all across the globe. Structured data and Unstructured data along with automation can help streamline the internal process, reducing workload and producing a more accurate picture of risk.

Uncover more risk in customer screening and eliminate false positives with the powerful combination of the largest dataset and advanced, configurable filtering.


Maximize due diligence spend with cost-effective, decision ready reports offering the highest levels of insight and automated daily monitoring.


Significantly enhance protection with a full compliance solution adaptable to the needs of your global team.

FACTED for Education/Business 


Clery ACT and Suicide prevention: Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act is a federal statute requiring colleges and universities participating in federal financial aid programs to maintain and disclose campus crime statistics and security information. The key issue with the Cleary ACT is that it’s more of a reactive solution this does not prevent a crime it basically reviews events that have already taken place and how the school responded.  FACTED (powered by CAPSOL®) provides a more proactive approach in preventing crime. Not only do schools have to worry about reporting on various crimes we have also seen an increase on teen suicides. The use, or abuse, of social media sites provides a unique opportunity to identify trends that may be useful in comparing warning signs of an individual or individuals that may eventually lead to suicide or a suicide attempt. Instead of looking at warning signs as an individual event, comparing them over time may help identify a negative trend. Many of the same risk factors for suicide may also be present for someone contemplating homicide or murder-suicide. The safety of those under our watch is of utmost importance. Protecting the lives of students, staff or employees is our goal. Properly evaluating the risk and understanding options available to respond, minimize, or mitigate the risk helps to support this goal.


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CAPSOL® monitors social media traffic; structured and/or unstructured data feeds to identify specified key words. Processing information through very sophisticated and patented algorithms, CAPSOL® helps identify potential threats, providing information for corrective action. The real time information gathering, and processing is unique to each facility or campus. In addition to identifying potential situations, CAPSOL® can Geo-Locate the mobile device transmitting the concerning message to one or more workstations, tablets, or devices. Identifying the threat level, the location, and other streaming data, allows personnel to quickly respond to, investigate, and act.


Students for Safety - S4S® - is a mobile application enabling students to receive helpful information regarding mental health and safety and to report suspicious activity to reduce harm to individuals. Anonymous reporting and communication is a key feature of S4S®. If you see this app and can’t access, notify your school to call CAPSOL® for more information.


Faculty for Safety - F4S® - is a mobile application enabling faculty, staff, and teachers to communicate, report and record suspicious activity to reduce harm to individuals. F4S® reports specific information to various entities to report or initiate action. If you see this app and can’t access, notify your administration to call CAPSOL® for more information.


CAPSOL®-Data Analytics 


CAPSOL®-Monitors Social Media Traffic:​

  • Real-Time Data

  • Multiple Data Feeds

  • User Definable Keywords/Events

  • Structured or Unstructured Data

  • Ability to Show Location of Devices (GEO Mapping)

  • Sends Alerts

  • Report Generation Post-Event

  • Call for Demo​


CAPSOL® - Monitor Your Social Media Traffic

Identifying risk in life as we know today is critical

to our safety. Understanding what is going on around us and making decisions to protect us and ones under our watch is an increasing priority.


CAPSOL® is a data analytics and risk mitigation tool that helps identify trends indicating increased risk so decisions can be made prior to an event occurring or to help prevent the threat being elevated to an unacceptable level.

Capture data feeds, Evaluate and process, Identify trends and provide notification to the proper personnel with the power of CAPSOL®.


Whether monitoring structured or unstructured data feeds, including social media, using patented and patent pending algorithms, CAPSOL® can help provide pre-event analysis for risk mitigation.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint- Collaboration Made Easy


SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft office. SharePoint uses varies from organization to organization and can be customized to fit your business needs. The most common uses of SharePoint include:

Enterprise content and document management

Intranet & Social Network

Collaborative software

File Hosting services

Custom web applications

& more

Microsoft SharePoint Services

We offer:

  • Planning and Assessments

  • Upgrades / Migration

  • Server Farm Architecture

  • SharePoint Installation

  • Collaboration & Portal Design

  • Branding and Usability

  • Governance Design and Assistance

  • Forms and Workflow Development

  • Business Intelligence and Dashboards

  • Social Networking (CapSol®)

  • Technical and End user Training



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